Friday, October 24, 2014


Azade Hotel (Istanbul) - in Old Town, two blocks from the Blue Mosque

this post is for Mom... check out the rating! and, it's a Best Western (but, clean & modern)!

looking toward the Blue Mosque!
a fountain in a beautiful park separates the Sophia Hagia Mosque & Blue Mosque

inside the Istanbul Archaeological Museum
(near Old Town)
JPE was interested in the Syrian & Hittities
(dating back to the 13th Century).

we had a cup of tea in the courtyard...
among the outdoor artifacts!

weather was pleasant! a bit of humidity! 

photos are slow to load! will post the day's highlights!


  1. Wonderful! You are on your trip and it looks fabulous. Looking forward to seeing more photos. Have a great time.

  2. How awesome to get to take this trip!

  3. It's looks wonderful and very pretty! Have fun, fun!!!



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