Saturday, October 25, 2014

BUNU (means THIS ONE)!!!

we woke up at 4am & couldn't go back to sleep!

Stick close!
we'll never be able to find each other if we get separated!

doesn't every tourist spot have t-shirts for sale?
cars, buses & trams WILL NOT stop for pedestrians!
so, you can imagine taxi rides can be hilarious!
Actually, our taxi driver from the airport to our hotel was
a sweet little Turk w/a gentle soul
(& spoke just enough English to point out some sights)

wanna buy some dried eggplant?

yep! next to the delicious pomegranate tea is something for the GUYS!

a quick turn down this street!

in the market for a LAMP?

a pretty little shop!
purchased a "kese" (washcloth) for each of us to take to the Turkish Bathhouse!

Halloween costume?

for me? ummm... perhaps 40 years ago I might have tried this on?

wandered back to the center!

NOW, this is more interesting! a fabric store...

and dozens of stalls selling buttons!
how do these men stay in business? they all sell the same stuff...
 (only men work in the bazaar) 

when Steph & Allie were young, I sewed a cute, little dress that had similar purple buttons...

shopping was exhausting! we headed outside...
of course, JPE found the book stalls!

for Lydia, Derek, Katie & Matthew...
Diary of a Wimpy Kid...
in Turkish!

exited the Grand Bazaar...
for tea & a spinach-filled phyllo dough "goodie"

AHHHH! the adventure(s) of shopping mall!

my FIT-BIT recorded 15,191 steps today!


  1. That is a lot of steps!! Such an amazing place to visit, love the books in Turkish.

  2. Thinking of you before you begin the next leg of your looks WONDERFUL, although a bit BAZAAR (haha)
    Love you guys—B Nene

  3. Wow! Quite an amazing bazaar. Everything looks so interesting.

  4. Wow shopping! Have a great adventure and enjoy



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