Tuesday, July 22, 2014


{Stacy, me, Mom, Jodi & Janene}
no long car or plane trips for me {yet}!
so, {last Saturday} my niece, Jodi, arranged
a Girl's Weekend to
"keep me company"
while JPE was in Cincinnati for his dad's 90th birthday.
we laughed! we ate! they shopped! we ate!
they visited Avila Barn! they shopped in SLO!
they dined at the Apple Farm!
we talked about food! we giggled!
we drank tea! & we ate more!

{four chatty, giggling females + one motel room = LITTLE SLEEP}
we decided to make this an annual event!
{& we'll invite the other girls who weren't here!}

Mom made all of us Girl's Weekend pillowcases!

{they left this morning! bummer!}



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