Saturday, January 25, 2014


Harmony, CA ~ population 18
"The hours when the mind is absorbed by beauty
are the only hours when we really live..."
~ Richard Jefferies

YES, the tiny little town of HARMONY, CA has a population of 18!

but while taking a break from my "paid work"
(YES, I'm working today, a Saturday!!),
I decided to browse through my photo archives.

this tiny window was the Harmony Post Office...
the flowers were a brilliant, ripe-tomato-red
and it reminded me the month of RED is coming...

Do you associate COLORS with WORDS?


  1. I remember stopping in Harmony while making the drive is such a charming off the beat place. They used to have a rather good restaurant, is it still there? ...Oh, and I also remember a pottery workshop.

    1. the restaurant is gone, but the pottery place is still there. There is a new winery on the hill overlooking the little town now! adding to the charm.

  2. I love that the post office has lace curtains in the window! And those RED geraniums - what a day brightener that is! It's a frigid 16 degrees here in sunny Maine today, but your photo makes me feel just a bit warmer.



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