Sunday, September 16, 2012


I had a lot of help with
this weekend!!
Both daughters & my mom
{as well as Lola}
participated in the hunt.
Here's our documentation for this week's words: 


Yesterday at Target, Allie found this hat! she's planning to wear it during story-time in her kindergarten class. She tried it on for Lola... which created lots of excitement... Lola just couldn't figure out what was on Allie's head! her initial reaction was puzzlement, followed by curiosity, excitement, and then KISSES!

ASKEW is brought to you by Stephanie (SLE) & Lola. Stephanie volunteered to have me take a picture of her eyebrow... which was ASKEW. And, I couldn't pass up an opportunity to share Lola's tail... which has a funny little kink in it! Yes, she's a Boston Terrier - No, her breeder didn't clip her tail... she was born with her tail ASKEW.

The four of us are NOT shoppers! but, yesterday, after brunch at HOBEE'S RESTAURANT, Allie needed to return something at Target... one thing lead to another & we found ourselves browsing the clothes ranks... our shopping expedition expanded to the shops on Castro St in Mountain View. Stephanie bought this wonderful, lightly scented FRAGRANCE at East-West Bookstore.

THERAPY, another store, has a lot of unusual items... Allie thought this picture would meet the qualifications for the word, PLANT. The caption on the right hand page reads, "Please stop buying my friends if you are just going to slowly kill them." The girls know I don't have the best luck keeping indoor plants alive!!!

To share the diversity of the items found at THERAPY, here are some birdcages. Not your average, SIMPLE birdcage... but, something SIMPLY adorable... anything but ordinary!

We had a blast visiting! I dropped Stephanie at the San Francisco Airport at 7am this morning... she's heading back to Washington DC. Later today, Mom & I will drive back to Arroyo Grande. 

Next week's words for SCAVENGER HUNT SUNDAY are:


  1. I am totally LOL at the hat in the first shots - too funny! Well done with your group.

  2. Love the hat, it looks like Lola does also. I like how you did teamwork this week.

  3. hahahah. lola's tail is adorably askew.



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