Thursday, September 20, 2012


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One of my favorite blog, HOW ABOUT ORANGE, posted this SURVEY. With the Fall weather coming, I have an urge to deep clean for the holidays, declutter, rearrange furniture & tidy our living spaces.

It's been seven years since I've painted the condo (but, during that lapse, I did paint the interiors of ACE'S apartment & SLE'S condo)... so, I'm getting that "glazed look" when I pass the paint chip section at Orchard, Lowe's, Home Depot & Miner's ACE Hardware stores.

Never one to pass up a SURVEY, I played along...

(honestly, I tried tweaking my photo choices,
but this came up repeatedly)

I longed to be TRAVELER...

BUT those bright colors aren't part of my palette...

When JPE & I married, we blended Beachy-Cottage & Earthy-Mediterranean furnishings. Over the years, we've discarded (ummm... put into storage!) various pieces of furniture, paintings and home decor items... I feel we're ready for some changes... JPE encourages me to "do my thing" whether it be blogging, photography, book-making, reorganizing, etc... but the project I'm thinking of will require some upheaval for about a month. So... when to do that? I'm developing a time-line (urgghh... that organization "gene" is surfacing).

I'll keep you in the loop. But, I'm not one to share before & after pics... I don't want the embarrassment of previous decorating styles to come back & haunt me (ha!)... and it won't include structural changes... but paint, new flooring upstairs... AND most importantly, getting rid of this...

YEP - "cottage cheese" ceilings. When I bought my condo (summer of '99), I didn't think I had the money to hire someone to "scrape" the ceilings. I've kicked myself over that decision since... 1999! But, my dad & I were busy sanding, scraping, cleaning, tossing curtain rods & a broken trash compacter, patching holes, etc to look UP & consider another project. The ceilings were painted & actually are in great shape (not dried out, nor crumbing down on us) but I HATE the look.

So, I'm mapping a plan... trying to develop a timeline... & cost out the projects on my list...

I'd love to know about your style...
Visit HomeGoods-Stylescope - then -
leave me a message about your STYLE!!


  1. Sometimes the cottage cheese ceilings can be fun...I remember all of us piling onto your brown waterbed and searching for "pictures" on the ceiling. It was way better than clouds pictures.

  2. By "cottage cheese" do you mean popcorn ceiling? When we looked for a house we always looked up at the ceiling and if there was popcorn ceiling we were out of there. I just didn't want to deal with it. Good luck with your projects - the ceiling sounds like a rather big one! I have to check on those styles you mentioned.

  3. Okay, Chris, I am actually the Traveller with a touch of New Country. I think it fits.

  4. I tried tweaking mine too but am definitely New Country as well. I actually expected it since I love Fall and all things nature inspired. Lots of texture and color for me.
    Thanks for the fun post.
    Sharon Petrocelli/Krkac



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