Wednesday, April 28, 2010


(pic taken 4/15/10)

"Know what you LOVE
and do what you LOVE. 
If you don't do what you LOVE, 
you're just wasting your time."
~Billy Joel, musician

My WORK project is 
60% completed!
Now that I'm "in the groove"
it's hard to tear myself
away from the computer!

I took posted a copy
of this picture over
my computer...

this statue sits in the
"garden walkway"
leading to the "doorway" of my 
favorite place for a 
M A S S A G E!!!

I scheduled a
for two weeks 
from now!

Whooo! Hooo!
Girl-Time TONIGHT!!!
Talked to SLE
oldest daughter -  chatted about
MB's guide dog ~ Sebastian
Sebastian's vet said he needs 
to stop eating 
"snacks" found at the dog park
are "garbage treats" 
Sebastian has been 
having intestinal problems!

Responded to ACE's email
youngest daughter - wants to get a dog
- doesn't want to move! 
trying out dog names

Talked to Mom
discussed plans for her upcoming 79th BDAY
 She had a "dog story" too ~ she told me
the theme for Katie's birthday is...
guess what...
She'll be 6 on a Cinco de Mayo!

I'm dog-tired!
Think I'll go to bed now!

~ AND ~
want a 
for her birthday!!!!

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