Wednesday, January 20, 2010


(pic taken on my front porch 1/20/10)
"A little of what you fancy does you good."
~ Marie Lloyd, English music hall singer 

I love RAIN! 
BUT... when I was growing up - RAIN 
meant my dad (he was a brick mason) 
didn't work!! 
it's difficult?? no impossible!! 
to lay brick in the rain.
The "mud" 
(cement, mortar - the glue that binds bricks together) 
wouldn't "set properly" and the job 
would have to be re-done 
(which was a waste of someone's $$ & supplies).
No work! meant NO $$$... 
So ~ you can see why "rainy days" 
were frowned upon in my family.

BUT ~ rainy days also meant 
"hot cocoa w/freshly baked cookies" 
(peanut butter were my favorite!) after-school.
AND, soup for dinner! creamy split-pea... Yum!

Today's RAIN made me "happy"... fancy that!


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