Monday, January 18, 2016

GOOD. RANDOM. FUN. V.3 (2016)

It's a GOOD time to begin blogging again! After all, it's a new year (BTW, I love even numbered years... 2016 is even... divisible by 2... I know, that's weird huh?) and I'm beginning to settle into RETIREMENT! It's been more than 6 months, BUT I'm still trying to find my "routine."

I'm thinking that for so-o-o-o many years, a woman gets used to a routine and then when it adjusts (due to having children, illness, or even vacation), we THINK we will start doing all those tasks we "dream of" when we are in a parenting-working routine.

I'll let you in on a secret... it's been hard getting used to being RETIRED! I LOVE it, but I still flounder around for most of the day trying to figure out which "productive task" I need to complete before my head hits the pillow at night. 

Before you think I have NOTHING to occupy my time... well, you only need to look at my "stuff" to know crafts, books, photography, and sewing projects are all at the "tip of my finger." It's a matter of "turning off" my work-mindset and being OKAY with creating my path each morning over coffee.

A RANDOM thought... JPE & I haven't been to the Big Bear Cabin in the WINTER for several years. I'm missing the beauty of the lake... the cool-frosty mornings... sipping a "cuppa" while I watch the birds "swoop & skim" the glassy surface of the lake... Ahh! maybe we need to calendar a trip??

My second favorite holiday (besides Christmas) is VALENTINE'S DAY!! It's not quite as much FUN cutting, pasting, and creating messages of LOVE without other crafters. Does anyone want to come over and join me

Thanks, TAMAR for continuing to host this Monday meme! 
Her birthday is coming soon... Check out her "blazing candle display" 
as she begins the "count-down" to her BIRTH-day.


  1. Hi Christine, that lake looks fantastic. You paint such a pretty picture about it... Makes me want to go there! Have a beautiful week!

  2. Beautiful lake! Happy crafting (I am not a crafter...)

  3. I like the angles of the lights and the mist in that second shot.

    My goodness that story of the contractors with your mom made me annoyed. That was unreasonable. Glad you were there too.

  4. This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

  5. You're welcome! SO happy when you join in, the more the merrier!!
    Enjoy retirement and v-day!!

  6. Sounds like you are enjoying a well deserved retirement!!! have fun!!!

  7. Christine -- I'm glad to "meet" you here! I just retired this month, so I'm figuring out all this freedom too. I love it so far! The sudden lack of daily routine is weird, isn't it?! I'm glad to hear you are still working on finding your way. I tend to be impatient and want it all figured out right now!

  8. I love the new year....Valentines day has never been one of my favorite holidays though. It seems like such a fiasco. Show your love all year. It is fun to do the crafts though.



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