Saturday, November 1, 2014


SLE (Steph) suggested I try pomegranate juice from a street vendor!
Oh my, it was delicious! a bit thick, with some pulp. It was very refreshing!

roasted corn (on the cob)!
we observed children eating this as a snack!

round bagel-like breads with sesame seeds on top!

an example of  a street vendor selling pomegranate juice.
Some people like a bit of orange juice added to sweeten the rich, red juice.
The vendors cut the fruit in half & squeeze the juice into a cup.

We watched this woman roll out a thin bread (similar to a flour tortilla)...

she added spinach & cheese then folded it in half!
(JPE also had her add potato to his sandwich)

she plopped it on the warm grill until the cheese got warm & melty!


(yep! we looked like tourists with our cameras around our necks!)


  1. Mm! Sounds like a delicious trip, too!

  2. So I take it the street food is safe to eat? It all looks yummy...the "spinich quesadilla" looks especially delish! Have another for me...LOVE B Nene



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