Tuesday, February 4, 2014


Packing up holiday decorations is bittersweet! We always enjoy having our home decorated with holiday treasures... it was especially exciting this year because Katie & my Mom came for a visit over my birthday weekend... they both oohed & aahed over the tree, ornaments, lights, and miniature houses!

Even though the majority of our decorations are my Santa collection & JPE's holiday-lit houses... we always display these two items as remembrances of my dad and JPE's mom.

Before my dad moved to an Alzheimer's care facility, he would spend an occasional day at care facility while my mom ran errands. This snowflake ornament is a treasured memory from one of his craft-days! 

The basket of ornaments were created by JPE's mom. Although I knew her for only five years before she passed, I quickly learned how much she loved decorating for the holidays. Her grown children & grandkids meant the world to her, and it pleases me to have her hand-crafted ornaments to put out at Christmas.

A few weeks ago, we had some friends over for dinner! they'd never been to our house, so we  gave them a "peek" at condo living. At the end of a fabulous dinner (created by JPE), Cindy said, "your house is filled with treasures that have stories or memories attached to them. It creates such a cozy feeling!"

What a nice reflection! we don't keep much that is NOT MEANINGFUL to us. Living small, we have to rotate our treasures... but, we never grow tired of seeing them from a new perspective each time they appear in our decor.

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  1. Great post - it's always hard to pack up such treasured items and move on. You said this so well!

  2. To be surrounded in things that you love and have love attached to them is a wonderful thing and helps really makes a house a true home.

  3. So lovely to have meaningful treasures about your home. I do too, so I can understand your connection to them. So lovely that you have decorative treasures made by your dad and your mother-in-law. That way, they are part of your celebrations!

  4. Such beautiful connections to the people you love! I like the idea of rotating them. Keeping only what is meaningful. We grow to fill whatever space we have. I like living small (though not quite as small as you!) because it makes me choose what I really want in my space. The process of choosing is an important one - things or photographs! Thank you for sharing this in the Photo-Heart Connection. Lovely to see you!

  5. Wonderful treasures, with warm memories.

  6. Wonderful post, so touching, I love what you say about keeping only what is meaningful, this is important to me too. Beautiful photo-heart connection

  7. Lovely shot and post! A good reminder to me to keep decluttering here. I'm determined to keep what I really truly love and pitch the rest!

  8. Your Photo-Heart Connection really speaks to me. I'm trying hard to delete clutter and get rid of unneeded things, especially since I know that no one will want much of it after I am gone. But there are things I keep because they are still meaningful to me, full of memories of other times and places and people gone now. I enjoy having them around me. The kids can just deal with it when the time comes! :-)



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