Friday, December 18, 2009


Unpacking my Santa collection, is like visiting "old friends".... it's comforting watching them emerge from the wrinkly, worn tissue... the fat Santa with the red glass belly... the Santa heads with the long skinny beards... the roly-poly Santa that looks like it was rolled in coarse white sugar... small wooden ornaments purchased in Rottenberg, Germany... the wooden head of Santa that's "very scary" (a descriptive phrase used by Lydia, my granddaughter). Some of my Santa's are 30+ years old... But - I must confess, I don't know how large my "Santa Family" is?? Perhaps I'll count them as I tuck them away on January 1st??? SLE or ACE (the daughter's initials who "gifted" the Santa) & the year are written on the bottom. Santa's that were gifts from friends are also labeled -   becoming part of the family!! Like friends & children - you try not to have "favorites" but several are "front & center" year after year!

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