Sunday, January 26, 2014


photos pulled from my archives ~ Big Bear February 2013
Have you seen the Disney movie, FROZEN?
if so, you'll recognize the lyrics to this week's
Kathy @ You'll Shoot Your Eye Out posted a "cool" looking photo! Check it out...

California is still hoping for some rain...
or at least a winter chill to the air!

Here's a YOU-TUBE video for this week's song.
The movie is adorable! & the song gives me chills (no pun intended!)


  1. Great collage! I love this movie and this song is a favorite of mine now!

  2. Lovely set of pictures! Have not seen the movie yet but it seems to be worthwhile.

  3. Such a nice collage this is... So far, I have missed this movie. looks like something good for adults too from listening to the song.

  4. Nice group of photos. I especially like the one of the door. It seems like it could be the door to the kingdom mentioned in the song. Hope you get the rain you need. As I sit surrounded by snow and temps below freezing, I'm doing a little California Dreamin' over here!

  5. I love your collage of wintery photos...that door is to have that one on the front of my home! I am stuck smack dab in the middle of a winter that just may never end!!

  6. Love the collage and the inclusion of the words! I'm with Kathy - the door shot is wonderful!

  7. That's a fun grouping of winter photos. I live in California too -- San Diego -- and yes it's great to have temps in the 70s but we are in a drought. I would choose to have every day sunny, though, even if we need rain . . .

  8. My friend, her son, and I drove through a snowstorm last weekend to see that movie and we all thought it was worth it! You did a great job of finding some frozen images - not easy in sunny and dry California. Lovely collage! My favorite is the little birdhouse.

  9. Ohhhhhh...totally love that first shot of the door with the bits of snow clinging to it! Perfect, just perfect! It could be seen as a door opening up to all kinds of new possibilities, and letting go of the past. Thanks for joining in on Song-ography!

  10. Beautiful wintery shots, perfect for the prompt


  11. Sorry to be late commenting. - What a great mosaic of snowy shots. The door is just awesome. I have not seen the movie but my Granddaughter did and she loved it.



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