Tuesday, January 21, 2014


:: GOOD ::
poinsettia's are still ALIVE! 
they are difficult to grow + they need a lot of attention.
Amazingly, they are "hanging in there" which is GOOD.

:: RANDOM ::
PHRENOLOGY is defined as a pseudoscience
that focused on the brain as an organ of the mind; scientists believed different sections of the brain
were responsible for certain characteristics or functions.

Thankfully, Phrenology is no longer practiced. In the 1700's, Gall, a researcher studied young pickpockets and noticed they all had a bump behind their ears...
he suggested this bump was an indicator for identifying pickpockets.
RANDOM, huh?
I saw these PHRENOLOGY heads when I was out-&-about!
Wished I had purchased them to use as bookends.

:: FUN ::
sorry, I've forgotten what these are called?
I think it's a horned melon? if not, they are certainly FUN to look at.

posting these with Tamar @ Random-osity...


  1. Well, I learned something new! They would be wicked cool as bookends.

    The poinsettias look great!

  2. Your fountain looks so inviting, for a minute I thought it was rain and I was very envious. How I long for rain, it is so dry here!

  3. Your poinsettias look wonderful for this late in the season. When I buy potted ones for the holidays, they never die, but most of the leaves and "petals" fall off until they're mostly just tall spindly naked stems!



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