Tuesday, October 4, 2011


Mom's atrium bird
Several weeks ago, the shade awning over MoM's atrium "caught a wind" and the heavy-duty cloth ripped in two pieces!

Being a "VERY THRIFTY" MoM (more about that later), she asked a member of her work team to assess the damage (secretly, she hoped they would be able to "stitch it" back together...)

Silly, huh?? but, I KNOW she didn't want to book the job... I also know how her mind works ~ like a "QUILTER"... give her a heavy-duty needle, some carpet thread, hold the ladder & she could solve her own problem...

BUT, (hear the cheering from afar?)... her work team had concerns about that (MoM + two story ladder? uh! huh!)

As SILLY as the visual seems, ALL options required renting a ladder + 2-3 workers scaling the ladder, balancing in precarious positions (quite like Michelangelo painting the ceiling of the Sistine Chapel), while wielding staple guns, hammers and lumber to secure the shade cloth between two edges of the atrium.

NOW, I wasn't present for the installation - but, I can imagine the "heroic actions" of the work team to get this heavy, cumbersome awning pulled taut and then fastened to the frame and fascia board...

a work team of 4 workers + 3 great-grandchildren + 2 observers + 1 HaPpY MoM were present for this task!
MoM has signed off on her work order!
She still has a "pending problem"...
what to do with the left-over food
she cooked as payment for the work team??

I'm sending my note of 
to the work team!!

JPE & I'll benefit from the completion of this work order when we visit MoM at the end of the month!

Brunch in the atrium
without the ripped shade cloth
flinging dust on our eggs!

:: FYI ::
MoM was "SO THRIFTY" she would tear our paper napkins in half ~ she didn't want us to waste them!
(I'm not making this up!! ask any one of her 7 grandchildren)

:: MY TASK ::
I can handle dusting the
top of the candle!


  1. Thrifty is good - but I wouldn´t tear the paper napkins..! :-D

  2. what a great story......all the way down to the napkins being torn in half!! here's to serenity.....big time!! xox

  3. I hope that when you have a chance you will post a picture of this completed project...a quilted awning sounds very special. (-:



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