Sunday, October 9, 2011


sunshine on a Sunday = ALSTROMERIA
picture taken 10.9.11 am
the words are:
Landscape; Complementary / Triadic Color;
Black & White; Food; & Blank Space

Participating in a weekly photo shoot, keeps me looking for photo opportunities ~ in the midst of busy workdays, laundry, spending time with JPE & girlfriends... I find I'm more focused on looking the the details in LIFE! If you'd like to participate in SCAVENGER HUNT SUNDAY,
(it's open to anyone!), visit ASHLEY'S BLOG!

AVILA Road ~ See Canyon
In the midst of the beautiful marigolds & grapevines, I looked across the road & noticed this old barn had finally fallen to the ground! I don't mean that in an unkind way... but for years I've driven by this barn & it has weathered rainstorms, several earthquakes, and winds that whip down this canyon... makes you wonder what caused its breaking point?
Remnants of the Past ~ 10.8.11
"Three ducks hoping to find a New Home" ~ seen at REMNANTS OF THE PAST Vintage Show... aqua-blue + orange & dark-green + red-orange (clay pot) are complementary colors on the color wheel
Kat's, EXPLORING WITH A CAMERA current photo exercise is about using the color wheel to capture eye-stopping photos! 
Avila Barn ~ Avila Beach, CA
I generally print photos in color. For the scavenger hunt, I used an editing program to change it to B&W. I don't think I would have noticed the dust & moisture marks on the metal bird & corn if this photo was posted in color? perhaps I have some other pictures that could look great in B&W? Food for thought
picture taken 10.9.11
Well - what can I say? I procrastinated about using my lemon before it began to spoil... This one will have to be tossed into the compost pile! I MEANT to make a sour cream bundt cake with a lemon drizzle topping... (guess I'll make a thinner drizzle). Where-o-where does time go?
Remnants of the Past Vintage Show~ 10.8.11
Eco-Wine Furniture can be found HERE
Poor, lonely bench = a BLANK SPACE in the "Man Cave". An earlier glance into the "Man Cave" revealed people resting their feet, getting a bite to eat, having a cup of coffee/tea while they waited for the rest of their shopping group. The "Man Cave" was showing DVD's of Andy Griffith & had antique posters of pin-up girls... very cute idea!

Yesterday, Susan & I went to the Madonna Expo Center in San Luis Obispo for the REMNANTS OF THE PAST Vintage Show... It's hard to take pics & shop! plus, I have a difficult time asking vendors if I can photography their displays. Adorable displays... loads of antiques... this is a locally organized show that has grown from being held at Dana-Powers Barn (in Nipomo) to taking over the Madonna Expo Center.
Mark your calendar! the next show is scheduled for June 2-3, 2012...

Busy, lovely weekend... ummm... B-U-S-Y? perhaps that's the reason I didn't get the bundt cake made? How did you stay busy this weekend?


  1. Nicely done - so glad you linked up. Hope you had a wonderful weekend.

  2. Awesome black & white!! So sharp!

  3. Christine,
    I like following your week - even though that cake didn't get made :)

    Lovely shots. Those fuschia and orange flowers paired with the fallen down barn - what delightful contrast.

  4. I love the mold on food. Adds great color

  5. I really like your landscape photo here, with the fallen down barn.

  6. I can smell that moldy lemon....;D I love the landscape one. There is just something about collapsed buildings and you have framed that in a very beautiful way.

  7. This looks like so much fun! I'm going to have to join in sometime. I really like your landscape shot...I like how it's layered.

  8. I'm not sure I'd eat that lemon... Love your photos, the very first one is fabukous, that old shed looks so beautiful. It's a great compisition with those colorful flowers in the foreground.

  9. Great photos. Funny how lemons are sneaky like that. I haven't been to your blog in an while....lov'n' the layout and header!!

    Happy October!



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