Sunday, October 16, 2011


SLO Little Theater ~ 10.13.11
For this week's Scavenger Hunt Sunday, I was able to capture most of the pictures during an errand in downtown San Luis Obispo... 

The words were: Abstract, Round, Fire, Seeing Faces in Strange Places and Stars 

ABSTRACT ~ SLO Little Theater
This piece of art probably isn't all that ABSTRACT, but, it is an portrayal of three actors who are emphasizing the "whimsical nature" of theatrical performances...

ROUND ~ sidewalk on Morro St
Have any sidewalk vault lights in your town? I'm not aware of the area underneath this sidewalk (former basement? crawl space?) but I did some research (always the educator!!) and found these ROUND glass lights were used as an inexpensive way to project light into dark areas, which created more work spaces or basement rentals. CLICK HERE to learn more about the history behind the cast iron vault lights, as invented by Thaddeus Hyatt in 1845.

Roasting marshmellows over a FIRE ~ Big Bear
Sorry... had to dig through my photo file to pull out this picture of our FIRE pit during our last trip to the cabin in Big Bear. We'll be spending Thanksgiving here with JPE's family!!! four generations of family!! I better brush up on my indoor photography skills!!!

FACES in UNEXPECTED PLACES ~ beauty salon in downtown SLO
Pumpkins are expensive!! I've noticed quite a few people using artificial pumpkins for decorations... while I understand wanting to save $$$ there is something about the smell of a burning candle in a pumpkin... and the "melt-down" of the pumpkin shell, the week after Halloween... These FACES had to share the glare of the building across the street!

STARS on exhibit ~ near the SLO Library
Hidden on the side of the parking structure (the corner of Morro & Palm St), there's a brillant outdoor exhibit of the history of the American flag. Done in ceramic tiles, the exhibit includes eight flags, along with plaques explaining the date and reason for additional STARS being added to our red / white & blue national wonder... if you visit SLO, be sure to check it out! I'm pretty sure most residents of SLO have never found this exhibit! it's one of the "hidden wonders" of our town.
Wanna join in the FuN?
check in with Ashley at SCAVENGER HUNT SUNDAY!


  1. Those are very nice! Those Jack O Lanterns are nuts, love them!

  2. That abstract is amazing and I love your star find, too!

  3. Nicely done - really like what youv'e done. Have a great week.

  4. This is such a wonderful set of photos - your town has so many beautiful photo ops.

  5. I always look forward to these. Love the first couple of images. FUN!

  6. These are GREAT!!!! So happy I found your blog, your photography is terrific :). I love that faces interesting the angle you chose and the reflections. Perfect!


  7. Great set! I really like your abstract. Thanks for stopping by, and to answer your question, the last shot was taken in NYC in Central park..remembrance of John Lennon who lived across the street in an apt. building, where he sadly was shot.

  8. I really like that flag! Super cool.



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