Saturday, October 8, 2011


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OKAY, tell me who doesn't look forward to getting a card in the mail... NO ~ not an email message... BUT, a good ole fashion card, letter or postcard, handwritten, with a cool postage stamp in the top right corner?

Do you save "special letters"??

I have a letter from my Grandma Jesse that I keep in a ziplock bag (I know, it's not the best way to preserve a family artifact). When I split the zip open, the scent of cigarettes comes swirling out of the bag. YEP! My grandmother smoked! and although I dislike the smell of cigarettes (sorry if I offend anyone), I love this letter! It's not the subject of the letter as much as having a handwritten letter in a lovely cursive.

Remember letter openers? sealing wax? collecting stamps? scented stationary? penpals?

Remember slitting open the envelope, peeking inside, and pulling out the handwritten message... and storing that lovely message in the envelope to be re-read ~ over & over...

Emails just don't create that same feeling for me!

So, I'm participating in 52 WEEKS OF MAIL... it starts Sunday, October 9th and will end October 7, 2012. I want to "put pen to paper" and create a lasting message for my special friends for an entire year.

How about you? wanna join me?


  1. What a wonderful idea! I've been sorting thru my stuff lately and loving reading letters from my friends, cousins, and Aunts. I have several cute notes from my grammy. I have a card from my sister in a baggy but that is because something else got on it but I can't let it go. It is too special to me. I just might join you in this challenge. :-)

  2. This sounds fun...tell me more. I have a letter my father wrote me when I was five years old and we were visiting my grandparents in Washington. It's wonderful!

  3. This is so intriguing..such a wonderful idea. Yes - I miss good ol' fashioned letter writing. What ever happened to those letter openers anyway?!?! Would love to hear more about the challenge!!

  4. It is much more fun to receive a letter the old fashioned way! As long as it isn't too much work, it sounds like fun. I would love to go out to the mailbox and find something other than advertisements and bills! :)

  5. I still have a letter opener and I still have a handful of penpals that I've been writing to for more than 20 years (and most of them I've met in person). I have been thinking for quite some time to join this - perhaps I'll do now! Write my first card tomorrow (it probably won't be more than cards).



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