Thursday, July 7, 2011



Remember my SWEET-SOUR-CRUNCHY-CHEWY post about CANDY?

TODAY, let's take a stroll down BUBBLE GUM LANE... 

1) Which GUM came FIRST ~ Wrigley's Spearmint or Juicy Fruit?

2) Which GUM was marketed as an aid for "oral hygiene"?

3) Name one of the three GUM flavors that have been re-marketed in 2011. (Hint: I've seen these for sale at Trader Joe's & ACE Hardware stores)

4) How many pieces of Chiclets GUM come in a box? 

5) What GUM is ACE chewing to create the huge bubble above?

6) TRUE or FALSE: San Luis Obispo has a GUM Alley?

Chatted with ACE today - finalizing a visit to see her. We'll...

:: sip tea & gossip ::
:: craft ::
:: scan old photos ::
:: take Lola for walks ::
:: shop for a sewing machine ::

Will ALSO see SLE. YES!! SLE is flying out from Washington DC to take the California Bar Exam later this month.

YES!! SLE & ACE have stuck their chewed GUM on these walls.... doesn't everyone?

Wanna know where to find BUBBLE GUM ALLEY?? (or NOT!!)... doesn't everyone?

NOW for the answers to the GUM questions...

GUM facts were found at the OLD TIME CANDY website! check out the CANDY & GUM... 
(BTW - there were two pieces of GUM in each Chiclets box)


  1. What a fun post! And - I just love the answers to the quizz questions - most of which I (surprisingly) know!!!

  2. I would have gotten most of those questions right! I love bubble gum. Even though it caused quite a stir in our neighborhood one day. When I was 6 my mom said if I fell asleep with gum in my mouth and got it in my hair one more time I had to have my hair chopped off. I fell asleep. Gum got in my hair. I screamed, hollered, sobbed my way down the street to my aunt's house for my haircut. She called my mom to make sure. Mom did not back down. I got a short hairdo. Now that I think back you would think I resented gum but I don't. I will never go to sleep with gum in my mouth again - I guarantee. :-)
    Can't wait to tell my bestie to go check out bubble gum alley.

  3. I Love this
    Sue Jesse Barker

  4. This comment has been removed by the author.

  5. JuneBug... I think you can use peanut butter to get gum out of your hair... any other ideas?

  6. Peanut butter works. My mom used it several times before she decided she was done doing it. :-)

  7. Honestly, I had no clue about the bubble gum questions. I'm not a big fan of bubble gum, I'm the gummy bear type - Haribo!!! Especially the rattlesnakes. Oh, and that alley - sticky, huh? But quite interesting, I have to admit.



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