Monday, July 18, 2011


current flavor in our fridge ~ 7.18.11
we all scream for 
I-C-E  C-r-E-a-M...

Yesterday, the third Sunday of July, was NATIONAL ICE CREAM DAY... In 1984, President Reagan, designated July as National Ice Cream Month, because "it's fun to eat ice cream, and 90% of Americans consume ice cream regularly." (how's that for a reason to establish a proclamation?)

Reagan's proclamation encouraged all Americans to "observe these events with appropriate ceremonies and activities." America's top five favorite individual flavors are? drum roll, please....  vanilla, chocolate, cookie 'n cream, strawberry & chocolate mint chip.

My fondest memory of ice cream ~ waiting for the ice cream to "set up" while playing hide n' seek at the Huntington Beach trailer... space 39... near Lifeguard TOWER 9.

The JESSE family were trend-setters! we hand-cranked our ice cream for 30 years before this proclamation was established! BUT, in order to satisfy Reagan's Proclamation, it should be known that we followed the two mandates:

"appropriate ceremonies" ~ I know my family has consumed their share of ice cream... if you peeked into the windows of our home(s) you would probably catch us contributing to the statistics mentioned above. Many of our family get-togethers / BBQ's are "topped" off with a "chilly-concoction" over pie, mixed with root beer, eaten on a stick, or scooped out of the closest bowl, cup or carton.

The JESSE ice cream maker was a hand-cranked model, much like this one!
link for ice cream maker
"activities" ~ My fondest memories are "taking a turn" at cranking the JESSE ice cream maker. Ummm.... we loved pilfering a few pieces of rock salt... and watching the sloppy-wet towels being pulled off the top of the ice cream maker... and when they pulled the paddle out of the center ~ OH we would have loved to lick the ice cream off!  BUT, it was carefully scraped into all the bowls, lined up like soldiers and waiting to be filled with the brain-freeze delight!

Our recipe was more like "ice milk"... I can taste it now... tiny ice crystals of vanill-yyy softness! AND - it was always VANILLA - never any "fancy" flavors!!!

How did you celebrate NATIONAL ICE CREAM DAY?  What is your favorite flavor of ice cream? or your favorite ice cream memory?


  1. I think that my kids would celebrate National Ice Cream Day everyday if they could! They just love icecream...Willow's favorite is cotton candy, Graeme likes rainbow sherbert, and Zoe loves Medieval Madness. My favorites? Rocky Road and Coffee!

  2. I like nuts, chocolate and fudge in my ice-cream, then I´m all set! :-)

  3. I have a new ice cream maker. We've been whipping up vanilla and fresh strawberry. Nothing more delicious.

    Also, nothing more likely to destroy my weight loss goals. ;)

  4. Domestic ScribblesJuly 22, 2011 at 6:04 AM

    Favorite ice cream memory is going to the soft-serve dairy bar. Even better when I was old enough to drive and my grandparents asked me to chauffeur them there for dinner!



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