Sunday, July 17, 2011


I pay a daily visit to Kat Sloma's photography blog, THE KAT EYE VIEW OF THE WORLD

I'll be participating in Kat's "FINDING YOUR EYE" course next week, so I decided to prepare for the class by re-organizing some photos on my computer. 

Having just returned from a two-year work assignment in Italy, Kat is busy unpacking, setting up her Oregon home, prepping for her new online course, and continues to post CURRENT EXPLORATION themes (every two weeks) for her EXPLORING WITH A CAMERA series. The premise of this series is to think of your camera as a tool to see & capture the world around you.

The CURRENT EXPLORATION: Reflections in Glass closes tomorrow, Tues July 19th... so you still have some time to participate. 

Instead of: Reflections in G-L-A-S-S

I'm posting my "Reflections" taken at the WHITTIER HISTORIC NEIGHBORHOOD HOME TOUR last October. 

Parked outside one of the Craftsman homes, was this incredibly-shiny, black BUICK... 

...of course, the car was receiving as much attention as the house(s) on the tour. Along with plenty of other amateur photographers, I snapped a few pictures, and never really looked at them again.

If you look beyond the white-walled tires, into the hubcap, you can see the reflection of the Craftsman house we were about to enter.

Here's another view with a reflection of the street, behind me...

Lovely car, eh? the bit of orange reflecting in the bottom picture is actually an orange cone ~ the kind that transportation companies use to mark parking spots or danger zones.

If you'd like to participate in Kat Sloma's EXPLORING WITH A CAMERA series, sign-up on her blog, and you'll receive advance notices of the CURRENT EXPLORATION theme and deadline for posting... 

I've posted the link(s) for EXPLORING WITH A CAMERA and FINDING YOUR EYE on the right hand side bar of my blog.

Most importantly, if you want to increase your "creative eye" take some time to explore THE KAT EYE VIEW OF THE WORLD. You won't be sorry!!

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  1. Thanks so much for all of your kind words! We are so close to starting the class, I can't wait. So glad you are joining in! You captured some really fun reflections in this car, I love how the world is distorted and changed through them. Thanks for linking up with Exploring with a Camera this week.



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