Thursday, March 10, 2016


If you don't follow me on Instagram @Kritty_k you missed this picture of today's photo. 

Needing a bit of N-U-D-G-E in my picture taking, I've been participating in the Photo-a-Day Challenge hosted by Aussie, Chantelle at FAT SLIM MUM. She's an absolute "kick" & has great words to inspire you to pick up your i-pad, tablet or i-phone to take photos. You might consider following along! some days, it is the ONLY photos I take. And, you can always skip a day if your time runs short. 

Sorry for the quality of this photo! it's not exactly clear!

Anyway... today's word was COLLECTION. I gathered a few of my HEARTS and arranged them on this beaded placemat. It's not my entire COLLECTION, but I had decluttering my towel closet on my list of tasks, so these were handy!

The top right GREEN HEART holds my charm bracelet (as well as charms that I haven't attached - perhaps I should bring that out to share it again?). Several of the HEARTS were purchased to remind me of my Mexican/Native American heritage... I think you can figure out which ones those are! My favorite one to hold is the large ROSE HEART that has rose carvings etched into it. 

So what do you collect?

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