Tuesday, March 8, 2016


Concourse C - Portland, OREGON Airport

While waiting for our flight on Jet Blue (headed to Long Beach, CA), we had a bit of time to check out the public art displays. Colorful barber-pole columns were topped with sculptures that were designed by Larry Kirkland, an artist with an environmental design and fine arts background. 
The symbols represent landmarks & icons from the Portland area, with bronze plaques telling the story of each column's art piece. 

Time passed quickly as we admired the art... we sat underneath this sculpture as we ate our "comfort meal" of oatmeal & a cup of coffee. While public art stimulates our "senses" of sight, touch, and hearing it also changes our moods. Think about the feeling you have when you FINALLY get through security, find a place to sit and take that deep breath knowing you didn't miss your flight! Most airports are a bee-hive of busy-ness, but the Portland Airport (affectionately known as PDX) exudes a "sense" of calm-ness... I attribute this to the public displays of art. 

The current research about MINDFULNESS comes to mind! Being "in the moment" decreases our negative emotions and stress. Watching the sculpture twist through the air, trying to interpret the designer's ideas, and listening to the sound of the movement requires a person to STOP! and use their senses. When this happens, your breathing slows, and your stress levels drop. Next time you become stressed, STOP! listen to the sounds around you, or look at the fine details of the space around you, feel your heart slow as your breathing begins to match a slower pace. This is MINDFULNESS! and art can create opportunities to experience this mood changer. 

Curious?? Check out Greater Good, The Science of a Meaningful Life... it's good for your body! mind! & emotions!

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more of Portland tomorrow!!


  1. They just put a lot of work into that part of the airport, overall the airport is a great one!

  2. My...it's almost like an art gallery. Fabulous. I hope you have a good trip.



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