Monday, April 14, 2014


Lydia is spending a week of her Spring Break with us. As a almost 11 year old, she loves her technology... but, she indulged me by going to complete some errands in San Luis Obispo. Of course, we did some indulging for her! a bit of G.O.O.D. ice cream to give us energy to complete our tasks. 
JPE made Cincinnati Chili for dinner Sunday... Lydia & I determined leftovers (Monday lunch) were even better than our dinner feast. A R.A.N.D.O.M. fact: Lydia's mommy, popi (dad) and grandpa (JPE) were all born & raised in Cincinnati.
I'm having a blast playing with WATERLOGUE. JPE cut these yellow irises & so I was showing Natasha & Lydia how my watercolor lessons are progressing (really, they haven't been started yet --- but, watching a photo being changed to a watercolor gives you an idea how watercolorists paint). Oh, so much F.U.N. Do give it a try!

Sharing these pics with Tamar @ RANDOM-OSITY
Do give her blog a visit... loads of cute photos from other bloggers!

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  1. How fun to have Lydia visit! Isn't the app so fun!? Thanks for linking up!



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