Thursday, April 17, 2014


this is National Library Week (April 13-19th)...

This sculpture is located outside the former SLO County Library... 
the newer library sits a block away, but I have found memories of taking my girls
to "this library" when they were toddlers! 
{at the time, our city HAD NOT built the South County Library}

Today's plans, included getting JPE's i-Phone fixed, eating lunch at Urbane Cafe
& catching a movie at the Palm Theater {local indie theater}...
the final showing of Ernest & Celestine was showing at 4:15 today!

With our extra time, we slipped into the local bookstore {at Lydia's request}... one of the displays featured John Green's "The Fault in our Stars" which I mentioned I had just finished reading. Lydia said, "oh I flipped through the book... you DO KNOW they are making a movie about the book??" I realized then, I need to read more young-adult novels if I want to stay connected with the kids in our family.
{BTW, I loved this book & can understand the attraction for young readers}

between two worlds - technology & print

Lydia selected a new book --- one I never imagined she would ever "blink an eye at"
but, as long as she's reading, we'll buy her books!
I did ask if I could read the book after she was done!

Ernest & Celestine was originally produced in French. This animated movie was based on a beautifully written book {of the same name}, and features charming watercolor illustrations. 

 it's adorable with a feel-good ending --- if you get a chance, see it!
as we were leaving the theater, Lydia said, "that movie reminded me of a book I saw at the library" --- it gave us another chance to chat about books that are made into movies.

I imagine Lydia has labeled us "different" because we don't watch TV or play video games.
BUT! she knows --- we READ!  {and go to movies}

reading w/grandpa {l-r}
by the campfire - Big Sur {2009}; our house {2006}; using headlamps - camping in Big Sur {2007}

So, what are you currently reading?
what young-adult novel have you read?

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  1. How wonderful to be able to spend time with Lydia, she is growing up so fast! The last young-adult novels I read were the Harry Potter series and I loved every one of them. Have a nice holiday weekend.



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