Saturday, April 12, 2014


I'm participating in a COLOR TREASURE HUNT with hostess, Andrea Scher @ SuperHero Life. I've followed her blog for five years, but hesitated taking one of her online courses.
Springtime brings "BURSTS of COLOR" so I'll be intentionally looking for COLOR... {and hopefully be improving my creative eye}

This course started days ago, so I'll be sharing some random posts to document my hunt. 

Day 2 - Andrea's prompt was: Today, I want you to step outside your door and find a flower that makes you gasp with wonder.

posies in a planter
the neighbor has much better soil in their planter than we do!
we have CLAY! which is deadly for getting something to grow.
blue + yellow = AMAZING
JPE gave me this gorgeous blue BLENKO vase the first year

 of our relationship. At that time in my life,
my home decor was pretty cottage-y!
A few days ago, he cut YELLOW irises to honor SPRING-TIME.


  1. Have fun with hunting for color. I've always enjoyed color, have experienced the frustration it can bring when it doesn't come out in a photo it should and just making my peace with that. Color is something so beautiful, a spirit and mood lifter, it can express how you feel etc. Just lovely. Enjoy it!

  2. What a fun challenge! Love your use of color in the text, too!



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