Tuesday, December 31, 2013

P52 {WEEK 52}

My last post of 2013!
Linking to Tamar's blog at Random-osity.
 Thanks, TAMAR for hosting P52. 

Although I missed a few weeks, I loved being able to connect to her blog. She'll be starting a new MONDAY "muse" entitled, 

 Hope to see you there!

We had a Christmas celebration at the Big Bear cabin... it had snowed the night before we drove up, but the warmer, sunny weather melted most of the snow before we left. Seems odd to have snow & kayaks in one picture! but here they are... in all their fair weather glory...

The orange cupcake looks realistic... I expected to be able to get a dab of icing on my finger, but, the ornament was spongy to the touch & squeezable!

Love the natural decor! although it wouldn't work in my house (I decorate our tree with my SANTA collection), I love the re-cycled, simplistic nature of houses that use loads of white, beige and cream in their decor.

One of my favorite bloggers is leaving the blog-world... Chez Larsson...  (her all-white decor is refreshingof course I'm sad, but understanding how difficult it can be to write posts 2-4 times a week! it's something I expected! Benita will still post photos on Instagram.

CHRISTMAS DAY cookie decorating is becoming our "new" tradition! When my grandniece, Katie, and grandnephews, Matthew & Derek, were younger, I would bring the cookies fully decorated... as they gotten older, I'm s-l-o-w-l-y passing on the JOY of the Christmas cookie decorating!

This is the second year of asking them to decorate cookies. It's a blast... they eat (way too many cookies during the afternoon... more than their mom knows!!!) and decorate to their heart's content. Of course, the adults get caught up in the action also.

On our way home... we stopped at Snapper Jack's for fish tacos! yummy!! Arrived home to Lola sneaking a nap in front of the fireplace (Allie & Brian were watching a movie)... But, OH NO, our succulents got frost-bitten while we were gone! 

Today we're going to a matinee, to see the Hunger Games! then, dine on lentil-potato soup + cornbread! taste a bit of sparkling cider & "watch the ball drop" (three hours ahead of time-East Coast time)... we have a puzzle on the table... ENJOYING the quiet after a whirlwind November & December!

See you in 2014! (LOVE even-numbered years)... with my annual recap of the year, Memories, Dreams & Reflections ... here are my 2012 & 2011 posts.


  1. Those cookies look delicious! Glad you had a lovely holiday. Thanks for talking about my new link-up - I'll see you there!

  2. So happy to hear that you had such a lovely holiday, sorry I didn't get to see you, maybe next time you are down. A very Happy New Year to both of you!



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