Sunday, December 18, 2011


Wooden Head Santa ~ all pics taken 12.18.11
SCAVENGER HUNT SUNDAY.... this will be the last one for a week! If you want to start participating, check Ashley's blog (after 12.25.11) for next series of words... I've peeked at a few of this week's participating bloggers! there are some great photos ~ you can find everyone at Ramblings & Photos (Ashley's blog).

This week's scavenger hunt included: Children / Fur Babies Sleeping, JoyWhat is it?Window, & Half.
Since I don't have children or pets (in my home), I took a picture of the manager scene in one of my holiday books, CHRISTMAS, by Robert Sabuda. I think Baby Jesus qualifies as a SLEEPING BABY! If you need a book for an artsy person, check out this book... pop-up books make COOL presents...

This holiday season brings me a lot of JOY! I love the traditional colors (the combination of red, green & white); the smells (of biscotti & cookies baking); the candles (to brighten & warm the house); getting reacquainted with my Santa collection (memories of holidays past); the gift giving (finding the perfect gift & wrapping paper); & spending time with family & friends (even when I'm exhausted). December is a JOY-ful month for me!!

This time of year is about sparkly, glittery things that make noise, isn't it? So, WHAT IS IT? Check out the next picture!!!

Looking out the guest room WINDOW, you'll see what our favorite tree looks like today. The leaves are falling... (this tree was featured in another scavenger hunt ~ click here). Don't you LOVE the adorable Christmas tree? adorned with jingle bells... leaning, but securely attached to a wheel gear tree base! it was to be a Christmas gift, but don't know if I can bear to part with it!??! You can see the detail of the tree in the WHAT IS IT? photo.

I posted late because JPE & I went to a matinee to see, My Week with Marilyn, starring Michelle Williams. Michelle gives an Oscar worthy performance (singing & dancing) as the sexy, notoriously sad actress, Marilyn Monroe! Don't believe the movie rating (3 out of 4 tickets)!!! This is a 4 ticket movie... Oh, here's HALF of the ticket stub... check out that price! A "perk" for being classified a "senior"... 

When we got back from the movie, lunch & our errands, I thought I would skip this week's SCAVENGER HUNT SUNDAY, but my camera called to me as I walked through the door at 3:30pm. Hope you enJOY my late entry?


  1. Great photos! I love the window pic. :)

  2. Great photos! I love your angle for "what is it?", and your window shot, pretty cool!

  3. Hi Christine! This set was so creative! I loved every shot!

  4. Christine - there are advantages to being "of a certain age", are there not? Wishing you and yours the happiest of holiday seasons!

  5. I love your series of shots - the Santa, the closeups of the popup book, and the creative take on half. I too wasn't planning on joining the hunt this week but after browsing through a few links, felt compelled to join in! Happy Holidays!

  6. Wonderful shots! Love the window shot! So pretty.

  7. Nicely done - I really like the manger scene you captured.

  8. I love your baby sleeping- I had the same thought initially.

  9. you make scavenger hunt so much fun. I just love your attitude! and I love your take on the prompts too, especially children/fur babies sleeping. that's super creative. I'm wanting to see that Marilyn movie too - Michelle Williams is one of my faves. thanks for the good review. happy day to you!

  10. Really like your window. And I am intrigued to see My week with Marilyn now. Lovely set!

  11. Nice shots! Hope your enjoyed your movie - that's one I want to see!

  12. Love all your shots, that book looks real cool.

  13. I like your "what is it?" and "window" pictures!



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