Wednesday, September 7, 2011


current postage stamps found in my wallet!

Are you outraged?

was talking about the "dire economic situation" 
the US Postal Office is experiencing!

Just look at the "beautiful" stamps above!
How could you not find a reason to buy some?

KIDS of all AGES
can doodle, write, cartoon or pen
a message to someone!
& the assortment of pens available!
felt tip, gel, colored, scented, roller ball
the selection is endless!

Why, just in the past few days, I've 
sent 5 cards, letters or notes in the mail
(oops! #6 was mailed today)...

Mind you ~~~ these are not bills!! 
although, I do pay several bills 
by slipping a check in an envelope, 
sticking a stamp in the upper right hand corner,
and drop it in the mailbox
on my way to work!

cards that were mailed this week!
~~ some of my cards are ~~
:: selected for "special people" ::
:: homemade ::
or may be
:: purchased from Trader Joe's ::
(just can't beat 99 cents for a card!)

Mother's Day card from Lydia (2010)
and of course, I keep some "memorable" ones
(in a special box) to read & re-read!

When was the last time you send a handwritten
letter, card or note?

So - do your part to support the
US Postal Service!
get back to "basics"
write & mail a letter tomorrow!


  1. Love this post! Thanks for mentioning me too. They do have nice stamps (I reserve them for personal letters, not bills.)

    I feel so bad for the situation that the post office is in and all the jobs that are in trouble. Makes me heart sick.

    I am sending cards and letters all over!

    Have a great day!

  2. I had heard that Saturday may be dropped soon. Most days in our box is nothing but junk mail! It is rather exciting to find a card in there! You are right. I need to start sending more handwritten letters and cards!

  3. Although I love email I agree with you that there is nothing as nice as receiving a note, or a letter. Unfortunately I generally go right from the mailbox to the trashcan.

  4. sometimes I tear the front of the card off - or cut out the sentiment (if I like the font) and then use it for my collages or scrapbook creations... or tags. I have a whole set of tags I made from old Christmas cards - all ready to use for the upcoming holiday season...

  5. Love this!! There's nothing like good ol' fashioned snail mail!!!



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