Thursday, February 2, 2012

HEART & SEEK! 3rd edition...

taken in Palo Alto ~ February 2010
As you know I collect HEARTS... Last year I ran across CHRISSY's blog, cul*ti*vate, & decided to start my own hunt...

For the third year in a row, CHRISSY is asking bloggers to look for "found hearts" --- you can think of these as hearts that you notice for the first time OR details that form the shape of a heart OR items in your daily journey that resemble a heart... 

On her blog, she reminds us we have a whole EXTRA day to find hearts {February has 29 days} this year... so, keep your eyes peeled for the that curvy shape with a point on the end... I'll share mine as I come across them! but, be sure to check in with CHRISSY & share your "found hearts." She posted several of my "found hearts" on her blog last February.

Some of my "found hearts" from last year are HERE & HERE... 

FYI - discovery!!!!

Lo & behold... I just noticed my ME {Mary Englebreit} letters have a small heart on the elephants back. Now, I've had these letters "staring me in the face" for at least 8 years & I just discovered the HEART?? either there's something wrong with my eyes, or I'm not very observant? Just goes to show that "found hearts" are just that - something you may notice for the first time - even though they may have been right in front of you for some time. 

Ohhhh.... I LOVE the hunt!


  1. i LOVE that you are playing along!!! YAY! Isn't is fun when you find a HEART that has been right in front of you forever and it decides to POP right out. That happens all the time with me. Thanks for the link love!

  2. Hey! Is this how I met you? Happy heart hunting! <3



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