Thursday, January 5, 2012


"Originality houses many rooms, 
and the views from the windows are all different."

~ Guy Davenport, author, professor, illustrator {from Kentucky}
claimed to "live almost exclusively off fried baloney, 
Campbell's soup, & Snickers bars"

WINDOWS... intriguing aren't they? makes you wonder what's inside? what's being protected from the outside world?

Do you cover your windows? with blinds, curtains, drapes, paper bags, dirt?

Why? to create a "mood" inside the house? for privacy? looks better for your decor? to control the temperature inside your house?

JPE & I enjoy evening walks... when MOST windows are open to the world... families are busy inside cooking... school-age kids are doing their homework... families are chatting about their day... the TV is on {it's amazing how many people have a TV on & no one is watching}... 

It's even more FUN to ride our bikes through a campground in the evening... in addition to seeing families prepare for the evening, you experience the delicious smells of their dinner... see kids {& adults} toasting marshmallows over a campfire {so'mores, yummy!}... people carrying pans of water to wash their dishes {or children's sticky faces} by hand...

Ummmm... think I'll take a walk this evening!

{FYI - we're planning to clean our windows this weekend}


  1. I share your intrigue and interest in windows. Love the pieces of the windows that you have captured here - all different - one arch, one circle, one rectangle.

  2. Hey! Thanks for being such a great online friend! :) I have a thing for windows too, and I think I could live almost exclusively off fried baloney, Campbell's soup, and Snickers bars.

  3. I've always loved evening walks, when it's still light enough outside to see, but people have the lights on inside their houses. I love the glimpses into the lives of others through their windows.

  4. Nice photo- I really like these windows!

  5. What a wonderful sense of balance. Love the abstract nature of this!

  6. Yes! I too love getting glimpses of inside of homes in the evening. It always looks so cozy. And your description of walking through a campground in the evening really brought back some good memories.

    I cover the bedroom windows and the rest of the house is pretty open to the world. I do like the softness curtains give to a room though.



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