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"source of natural, indoor light"

This past month, Kat Sloma @ KAT EYE STUDIO posted an interesting challenge in her monthly EXPLORING WITH A CAMERA.

An avid traveler, a seeker of details, she shared her thoughts about why her photo library has included so many photos of WINDOWS. Here's the list of her discoveries:

  • WINDOWS are a fantastic source of natural light, when indoors.
  • WINDOWS are the perfect design element to explore shape, line and repetition.
  • WINDOWS can serve as backdrop, frame and shelf, interacting with your subject in interesting ways.
  • The glass in WINDOWS creates complex layers through reflections.
  • WINDOWS are a storytelling element, creating psychological barriers that can evoke strong emotion.
So, I looked through my London, England file
{July 2010}


 :: WINDOW Discoveries of a UK Variety ::

HOLBORN & INNS of COURT ~ London, England
"design element to explore shape, line and repetition"

These pictures demonstrate WINDOWS as a design element... The brick building, located in the HOLBORN area of London, provided lots of details that were difficult to capture - there were so many! The neck-wrenching heights, chilly brickwork, and architectural design elements are found on most of the buildings, which is the working community for journalists & legal professions. I wonder if they are so busy with their work, that they fail to notice the "elegance" of their work places?
My DAD, a SKILLED BRICKMASON, would have appreciated the design element of the brick work as it contrasts with the WINDOWS. Also, note the WINDOW shape changed when the WINDOWS tapered at the rooftop!

"design element to explore shape, line and repetition"

Adorable, brightly painted homes in the Notting Hill area are adorned with crisply painted WINDOW frames. The upright WINDOW shape mirrors the shape of the buildings! Wanna see inside?  so do I!!
"serve as a backdrop.... interacting with your subject"

We shopped at this market... I had to add this to my WINDOWS post... JPE & I could see the activity on the sidewalk outside the market from our studio apartment WINDOW. If the market seems crowded, we would putter around for 15 minutes before heading over for our "daily" shopping trip.
KING'S ROAD ~ CHELSEA ~ London England
"frame for your subject"

A "high-end" women's store on the famously expensive King's Road, used fans to create interest in this WINDOW display. What a marketing strategy to lure customers into the store.

BATH, England
"glass creates... 
complex layers through reflections"
Although blurry (most of my photos from our BATH bus tour were blurry... an "off" day for the photographer??), this WINDOW near the ROMAN BATH HOUSE shows the effect of layers of old glass (the wavy effect)...
"storytelling element... evoking strong emotion"
Our first LONDON WALKS Tour was called "The Secrets of Westminster Abbey"... I won't divulge any secrets we learned, but we DID enter the abbey through the Dean's Yard (which is a private entrance, located off the courtyard for the monk's quarters & is now home for the 30+ boys who sing in the Abbey Choir). This ivy-covered WINDOW exudes a feeling of emotion ~ think of the monks "cloistered" here in the cold, damp winter.... you can read more about their life HERE.

This journey into my London archives was such a treat today! Didn't realize I had taken so many pictures of... umm, I have another twenty-seven WINDOW pictures from London. But, I'll save that for another post (perhaps?)...

See you tomorrow for SCAVENGER HUNT SUNDAY.


  1. Enjoyed seeing your London windows, Christine. They make me want to look through my England trip photos to see if I have a window collection. It was so long ago that all my pictures are on FILM. :)

  2. Love seeing all of these windows Christine! How fun to revisit your archives for a specific city, and find so much. I enjoy all of these, and your descriptions of what caught your eye. Thanks for joining in with Exploring with a Camera - next time, we'll figure out what's up with the link not working for you!

  3. Loving your London Archives. It makes me want to go thru mine or just to go back to London. :-)



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