Wednesday, October 29, 2014


view from the breakfast room - AZADE HOTEL, Istanbul

why are all these boats in one area?
the fisherman are ALL fishing for bonita...
seems like it could be pretty competitive with everyone trying to catch the same fish??

tossing his line out!
The once abundant native fish are becoming scare (due to large fishing boats);
so fisherman have been known to become territorial about their fishing spots...
yelling at others who scare their fish away (or are trying to fish in the same area).

the Fish Market is still alive in the evening!
Do you suppose the fish go on sale as the evening gets later?

along the waterfront are boats that cook the day's catch &
sell it wrapped in a pita-type bread!

assembly-line for the dockside fish!
a typical fast food meal!


  1. I'm wondering if it smells around there? Very interesting and looks like your having fun...



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