Wednesday, November 2, 2011


pruning the garden ~ 10.23.11

checked HERE to find out about rose hips...

Do you take SUNSET MAGAZINE??? if not, you can read most of the articles online!

I LOVE my subscription - great articles on travel, gardening, decorating, entertaining and tasty recipes
(NOTE: I wasn't paid a dime to promote this magazine)

irritating, hairy covering ~ don't forget to remove it!!

I LEARNED (ever the educator, that I am!):
  • rose hips pods are the seed pods of roses (that sounds reasonable)
  • the pods are generally found at the end of the growing cycle (autumn?)
  • people use them for decorations (should I put the stem in water? or let them dry in a vase?)
  • birds will eat the dried or shriveled pods (ummm... we have some very picky birds - I don't think so!)
  • rose hips & rose petals are edible (I like the fragrance, but nothing about them looks tasty!?)
  • roses are in the same family as apples & crabapples (pretty obvious in the first picture)
  • rose hips have a tartness like crabapples & are a great source of Vit C (I think I'll choose to swallow my Vit C)
  • rose hips have an irritating, hairy covering (remove prior to eating!)
  • to get a sense of the taste, it is suggested that you brew yourself a cup of rose hips tea!
  • you'll need to steep 4-8 hips in a cup of boiling water for 12-15 minutes
  • rose hips can also be used to make jelly, sauces or as a seasoning in soups
So, have I convinced you to try brewing some rose hips tea?

Let me know how it tastes!!!


  1. How interesting. I knew most of this but some of this information is new...thank you. With all of my roses I have yet to make rose hip tea, although I am making lots of potpouri this year.

    Love your close-ups photos; fantastic!

  2. I always drank rose hip tea back in Germany, it's rather popular there. I brought two or three boxes of tea bags from my last trip and eye it like it's diamonds...
    And I love Sunset magazine!!! Although I always have to laugh what they call "affordable" - definitely NOT affordable in my book...

  3. Thanks for all this wonderful info on Rose Hips. Since I have roses, I have rose-hips, but the only thing I do with them is photograph them. I have seen Sunset Mag but don't subscribe, will have to look at it again.



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