Sunday, August 7, 2011


Gimmelwald, Switzerland ~ July 2005
For the past several weeks, I've been participating in Kat Sloma's FIND YOUR EYE online photography course (see pink button on right hand). 

Kat's twice weekly lessons have encouraged us to participate in group discussions and share photo responses on our blogs or the FYE Group Flickr account. 
Cinque Terre ~ July 2005

After reviewing over 2000 photos, I THINK I was able to identify what "draws my eye" as I get ready to snap a picture.

Orsay Museum ~ July 2005
While I still have a lot to learn about photo editing (which was not the focus for this course), I was able to see the evolution of my photo composition...   and more importantly, I learned it wasn't about the CAMERA I was using!

As I mentioned in ANOTHER POST, the Kodak camera used in 2005, has been passed along, yet, the COMPOSITION of the three photos is surprisingly similar. 

Oxford, London ~ July 2010
Kew Garden ~ July 2010
The pictures from 2010 were taken with a Canon Rebel (a camera with multiple dials).  I still consider myself at the "fiddling" stage as I try to understand the 'creative mode' settings. Ummm, does another word also come to mind?
How about "Peeping Tom"??

Conclusion: I like "looking into other people's worlds"?!!! 

One fact stills remains ~ my creative eye focuses on... SHAPE + LINE + COLOR

here's more color + TEXTURE
December 2010
color + shape + DETAIL
KEW GARDEN ~ July 2010
color + DETAIL
JPE'S Jamming Day ~ 9.12.10
This is kind of embarrassing, but I'm also known for my "eye for detail" so it shouldn't come as a surprise that many of my photos focus on the "finer elements" of the object I'm capturing. 
View from the front porch ~ March 2011
If you haven't visited Kat's BLOG & you enjoy photography - you're missing out on a lot of photo tips & inspiration!!!


  1. Reviewing 2000 photos- well done!
    It's good to look through and see the way we take photos, isn't it?
    I love the water droplets in that last photo- beautiful.

  2. I love the natural framing you use in a lot of these images - the Orsay clock is beautiful. I love the water drops too - the reflections in them are amazing. The colours also really stand out for me. What a great selection!

  3. Great photos! My favorite is the last one taken from the porch, you are right about your ability to see details.

    What an interesting course. This sounds like one of those break through moments for you...I love when that happens to me.

  4. I think you have made significant progress in identifying those things that draw your eye. The technical side of things will come with time and practice.

    Great selection of photographs. I love the clock silhouette and the reflections captured in the raindrops.

  5. I love the raindrop photo at the end. You are doing a great time at finding your eye.

  6. What a wonderful and introspective post you have written. I love the fact that you can go back not just with photos, but with cameras!! How I wish I had kept all of my cameras, but many I gave to someone in my family who could use them. It would be fun to line a shelf with all of the cameras we have held in our hands. YOur talent and eye have grown, it is evident in your photos. I am still fiddling with my Big Mama also, and get frustrated when I forget what I thought I knew!!! LOL Thanks for a great post. Smiles: Sharon

  7. Your photos are simply gorgeous, and I was always drawn to the more detail-loving pictures of yours. You have a fantastic eye for eeing the special little things in life. I'm glad that you're enjoying the class - Kat is a great photographer!

  8. So glad to have found your blog! I've been eyeballing this course, and now I know that I need to take it for sure! Love the shot of the clock with the person in front of it - the lines draw you right into the center. The drops on the green plant...lines, texture are all eye catching as well!

  9. That is so amazing that you went through 2000 photos! The evolution through time is interesting to see when you complete this exercise. I love that you found it's not the camera. That's completely right - it's YOU. A camera is just a tool for showing the world your vision. And your vision is colorful and beautiful, I'm so glad to see it!

  10. Your photos are beautiful!! I especially like the lines in the one from Oxford and I LOVE the droplets in the last one!! It's breathtaking!! You've done a wonderful job of recognizing your style and helping us remember it is us, not our equipment that makes the shot!!



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